Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Valerie Bittner, Model, Actor, Voice Artist, Consultant

"When Dr. David Vasily hired Countess Communications, he didn't want to be the spokesperson for his TV commercials. Jeff and Marta Countess reassured him, 'Not a problem, we know a gal.' That's how networking with the Lehigh Valley Elite Network works! Since attending LV Elite Network meetings almost three years ago, I've built strong relationships with other business owners like Countess Communications, who I can confidently refer. Through referrals from the Lehigh Valley Elite Network, my business has grown more than I thought possible. Check out the two commercials I did with Countess Communications for Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Center and Lehigh Valley Dermatology."

Mary Jo Roma

"I started coming to the LV Elite Networking Group last October. Initially, I was nervous as I only knew two people. Attending the monthly meetings turned out to be the best decision I made. I met many people and made numerous connections. One meeting changed everything for me. As an independent contractor for many years, I never considered turning myself into an actual business and marketing myself. My first one-on-one with Michael Madden convinced me to take the leap and expand my business. Since then, I've received many one-on-one requests and gained two new clients in the past month just from doing 30-second commercials at the meetings. There is trust and dedication in this group, and I encourage all business owners to join. It will only make your business stronger."

Barbara Smith, Independent Shaklee Distributor

"What I do in helping people has found unmatched support in the LV Elite Network. During my first meeting in April 2011, a gentleman approached me about his need for safe household cleaners, and he remains a client to this day. Another attendee began her healthy weight journey with my guidance, reconnecting with me after three years. The LV Elite Network brought us together, and networking through this group is a critical component of my business plan. I highly recommend Michael Madden's group for anyone looking to grow their business through building relationships."

Esther R. Rowland, MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Oral Dynamics, Inc.

"Doing business in the Lehigh Valley is all about building relationships, and networking is a key component. With seven different LV Elite groups meeting in various locations across the Lehigh Valley, there’s no excuse not to network. Michael Madden has done a tremendous job leading this group, providing opportunities to meet professionals from various fields. Thanks to the LV Elite Network, I’ve developed solid business relationships and met many good friends."

Michelle Murphy, Director of Business Development, Phoenix Restoration & Environmental Services Inc.

"Networking is crucial for growing Phoenix Restoration. I've attended many networking events, but none measure up to Michael Madden's Lehigh Valley Elite Network. With a monthly commitment and no membership fees, Elite focuses on member-to-member relationships. Building trust through these relationships is priceless. Michael Madden truly cares about the success of each member and has created an organization that continues to grow with the finest business people in the Lehigh Valley."

Peter Collipp, Sales Manager, EggZack

"I haven't made a cold call in over three months thanks to the Lehigh Valley Elite Network Group. Not only have I gotten plenty of business, but I've also made long-lasting friends and built trusting relationships. Michael Madden orchestrates a fun, business-focused group that welcomes both novice and experienced networkers. Joining the Lehigh Valley Elite Network Group is a must for any business owner or sales professional serious about their career."

Pete Ambrosino, President at SERVPRO® of Western Lehigh County and Marketing Director at Snacky Matz Healthy Vending

"We are always meeting new people at the Elite Network events. It's for those who want to build lasting business relationships and create awesome referrals. You couldn't ask for a better no-nonsense networking group to be a part of."

Renee Kukowski, Mortgage Specialist

"I have only been part of the LV Elite Networking Group for a short time, but I already love every minute of it. Through Michael Madden and the LV Elite Network, I’ve had countless opportunities and made friendships that will last a lifetime. The quality and dedication within the group are shared by all members, both new and veteran. Anyone passionate about what they do and seeking continued success should join this 'Elite' group."

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Donna Braden, Owner, Jack's Glass

"Not only do we get business through contacts at LVEN, but we also saved a bundle on our flat roof repairs thanks to a referral from another LV Elite Network member! It’s a great group of business people, and I always look forward to the meetings."

Riley Ockerman, Owner, Real Property Management Lehigh Valley

"Two weeks ago, a real estate investor from out of state contacted me, referred by a member of the LV Elite Network. After a brief conversation, he was ready to sign an agreement. He trusted his friend's judgment without needing to check my website. As a new business owner in the Lehigh Valley, the LV Elite Network has been invaluable. People want to know they can trust who they do business with, and being part of this group has allowed me to build a trusted network."

Jeff and Marta Countess, Countess Communications

"When we started Countess Communications in 2011, we knew how to tell a story but not where to tell it. We tried different networking groups but found our home with the LV Elite Network. Since joining in early 2012, we’ve met amazing business owners and told many of their stories through video. Michael Madden, the king of networking, has built an organization that continues to grow with the finest business people in the Lehigh Valley."

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