About Us

The Lehigh Valley Elite Network is designed to:

Build Relationships: Develop strong connections with business professionals in the group. People prefer doing business with those they know and trust, so fostering relationships within the group will not only help you gain new business from members but also establish a robust referral network with their contacts.

Enhance Networking Skills: Improve your networking abilities. Networking is much more than just handing out business cards.

Boost Public Speaking Confidence: Gain confidence in speaking before a group. Even experienced professionals can feel nervous, but each meeting provides an opportunity to present yourself and your business. Additionally, we feature three speakers at every meeting.

Offer Valuable Business Assistance: Receive support and insights from other professionals in the group. Everyone is dedicated to helping one another and enhancing the business community in the Greater Lehigh Valley, making this group a valuable resource for you.

Maintain Business Contacts: Stay in touch with the business contacts you meet. Regular and consistent exposure to these contacts turns them into reliable referral sources, which is essential for maintaining and establishing relationships.

Leverage Social Media: Dramatically increase your networking efforts and results using social media. The video below illustrates this impact.

Looking forward to your participation, Michael Madden - Founder and CEO


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