Bailiwick Interior Design #OpenHouse, December 6, 2014 #Bethlehem #Business

Bailiwick Interior Design Open House, December 6, 2014

Thank you Carrie Quinton Oesmann from Bailiwick Interior Design, for allowing me to participate in your Open House and you kind words. Also thanks for being so well prepared for an interview with Scott Gingold on Business 101 with Scott Gingold with less than 30 minutes notice on a day you have been planning for months. It means a lot to me that you seized the opportunity last minute and trusted that I had your best interest in mind. It is not often I come across an individual who is willing to commit their time, money and resources that are necessary to turn their vision into a reality. Being formerly involved in construction and renovation of older homes, I can truly appreciate the amount of progress you make in such a short period of time since I first met you there for our first one on one. You are a great example of why it is paramount to success that you build your business based on relationships and as importantly maintain them. I was apparent from the way Marisa Pellegrini from Marisa Pellegrini-Photographer spoke of you. She respected that you recognized and appreciated her artistry, but more importantly her commitment to quality. It shows in the details of the completed construction and the efficiency of the design. It is you and all the other great people I am involved with that make the possible. Michael Madden, Michael Madden
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Business 101 with Scott Gingold - Episode 68

Michael Madden of Lehigh Valley Elite Network ( updated us his influential networking organization as well provided very useful networking tips. Linda Terrick is working to open a thrift shop and she shared her journey and goals with us. -Scott Gingold

Thank you Scott Gingold for opportunity to be interviewed on Business 101 with Scott Gingold and offering your platform to Carrie Quinton Oesmann from Bailiwick Interior Design . Episode 68: December 6, 2014. I with Michael Madden, Michael Madden -, and Carrie Quinton Oesmann - I sincerely appreciate that you embrace social media as a way to expand into other markets. It is remarka...ble that Business 101, an AM station broadcast in Pennsylvania, now has a global presence due to your forward thinking. Look forward to collaborate with you on future opportunities for the members of Lehigh Valley Elite Network and the many great organizations in our community. All this from a facebook post to show the diversity in the Lehigh Valley. It is amazing what can happen when some of the unsung heroes of the Lehigh Valley get expose to each other. Thank you for noticing.

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