Peter Collipp presents "How to grow your business" at the Ramada Event

News from the Lehigh Valley Elite Network Ramada Event October 21, 2014.

As an ongoing effort to increase the effectiveness of the Lehigh Valley Elite Network, I changed the format at the Ramada location for the October 21, 2014 event. One of the challenges that I face as the leader of this group is that we have anywhere from 20-40 new participants each month, with varying degrees of experience with networking. Peter Collipp, one of the more seasoned members, with particular a skill set in sales and various forms of marketing, shared his experiences that led to his success with those who attended. He has been one of the most consistent Lehigh Valley Elite Network members to date, and gave the group insights on his thoughts and actions that led to his achievments. To date, as a direct result of his participation in the past year, his business has netted over $200,000 in sales from the Lehigh Valley Elite Network. His focus and discussion was on how he built several businesses by effective use of time and strategic alliances to obtain a specific result .
Due to lack of participation we will no longer be meeting at the Ramada and it will be removed from the Lehigh Valley Elite Network schedule. Unfotunately, there are minimum commitments that are required that are not being obtained, and I will be forced to adjust the schedule accordingly.

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